Find yourself frustrated spending time wading back and forth in large documents to confirm the meaning of defined terms; the text of referenced sections; and the contents of exhibits and attachments?

Your solution:

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It’ll run down your terms

TermRunner is an exciting new add-in app for Microsoft Word that makes your document review, management and editing experience more efficient, effective, and productive.

Using its proprietary algorithm technology (patent pending*), TermRunner becomes an intelligent part of Microsoft Word, allowing you to instantly retrieve and view the text of any defined term, referenced section/clause, or attachment/exhibit.

Watch how easily TermRunner can improve your document review, management and editing efficiency:

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TermRunner –

  • Saves you time and thus money.
  • Makes your job easier and you more efficient.
  • Is fully and seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office. 
  • Keeps your documents secure and confidential.
  • Reduces printing expenses.
  • Helps you work environmentally smart.
  • Is value-priced at only $49.95 per year.

* – U.S. Patent Reg. No. 16/600,141