About Us

TermRunner LLC was founded in 2018 by Kentucky native and Austin, Texas attorney Tim Hagan.

Tim, a major projects attorney, was in the midst of negotiating a suite of some twenty-odd major contracts in support of the development of a large petrochemical plant on the Gulf Coast. “My eureka moment came,” Hagan recalls, “when I was sitting in yet another 8-hour negotiation watching a table full of attorneys and commercial professionals leaf back and forth through stacks of documents confirming the definitions of certain contract terms and the text of sections referenced in the documents. I thought to myself, there has to be a better, more efficient way!”

His research revealed, however, that there wasn’t. So Tim put his head down, worked through the issues, and then hooked up with his IP attorneys to protect what he’d done. The next 6 months were spent working with a development team in New Zealand until they had it nailed – and TermRunner was born.

Finally, professionals who routinely work with large, complex documents could instantly see the meaning of defined terms, referenced sections and clauses, and exhibits and attachments – in real time while working with Word documents.


When you need it, you can read it.

“I still love the law, but my passion is now helping document professionals work in a much more effective, enjoyable way,” Tim confesses. Adding, “And it’s also a nice bonus that we’re helping the environment in our own little way. The amount of wasted printing that accompanies complex contract negotiation is shocking. We’re proud to be a part of helping to reduce that.”

At TermRunner, we’re happy to be fortunate enough to help professionals work more efficiently. But we want to keep helping, so if you think of anything else we could offer to help improve your document editing and review experience, drop us a line using our Contact form.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you’ll take advantage of our free trial offer to see just how much more efficient your work can be.

Tim Hagan