Find yourself frustrated spending time wading back and forth in large documents to confirm the meaning of defined terms; the text of referenced sections; and the contents of exhibits and attachments?


When you need it • We’ll retrieve it

TermRunner is an exciting new add-in app for Microsoft Word that makes your document review, management and editing experience more efficient, effective, and productive.

Using its proprietary algorithm technology (patent pending*), TermRunner becomes an intelligent part of Microsoft Word, allowing you to instantly retrieve and view the text of any defined term, referenced section/clause, or attachment/exhibit.

* – U.S. Patent Reg. No. 16/600,141

Benefits & Features


Saves you time and thus money


Is fully and seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office

Helps you work environmentally smart


Makes your job easier and you more efficient

Reduces printing expenses


Keeps your documents secure and confidential

Value-priced at only $49.95 per year