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User’s Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Will TermRunner keep itself up to date if I make changes to the document?

A. After you’ve made changes to the document, you’ll need to refresh the TermRunner side- panel. Just click the Cog icon at the top opf the side panel and select Refresh from the top of the menu. 

Q. What should I do if TermRunner doesn’t identify a defined term or cross-reference?

A. While we’ve endeavored to cover off the entire universe of how items are defined or referenced in a document, it’s a big universe with no agreed standards or conventions, so we may have missed one or two. If you think we’ve missed yours, send an email with a screenshot of how a particular term is defined or section is referenced in your document along with a screenshot of your search result window to [email protected] and we’ll get it fixed for you as quickly as we can.

Q. Why does TermRunner’s search result sometimes include items in a table of contents, but sometimes not?

A. If the table of contents has been manually entered by the author, TermRunner will include it in its search, but if it’s been automatically generated by the document, TermRunner will ignore it.

Q. Are downloads of TermRunner from the Microsoft App store safe and secure?

A. Yes, Microsoft ensures the security of apps sold via its online store. Click on this link for more information: In use, TermRunner only transmits a user’s name, email address and organization to its secure servers solely for the purpose of validating the user’s subscription.